Arizona woman holds onto tree with her dog in canal for 18 hours until rescued

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In Wellton, Arizona, a woman clung to a tree for 18 hours in a canal holding her dog after jumping in to rescue her pup who had been off leash and accidentally slipped into the water.

According to the Wellton Police Department Facebook page, the woman was just about to give up when a train conductor spotted her and called for help. It had been the eighth train that went by that day. The woman had an extraordinary will to survive as the current in the canal had been strong and swift and as the woman held onto her 55-pound dog for that length of time.

Check out the actual rescue and the amazing heroes:

Sgt. Juan Salcido was the first to arrive and helped pull the woman and her dog to safety. Luckily the woman didn’t sustain any serious injuries, and she is now recovering with her dog. The woman was utterly exhausted when pulled to safety; she was bruised and sunburned and told authorities she had been about to give up when she heard the sirens.

Ken AndersonI am so VERY thankful to all the Deputies and First Responders who assisted in this rescue. It shows the excellent communication, teamwork, training and quick thinking between YCSO and the Wellton PD. Even when the strap broke, you were quick to find a solution and pull her to safety. The Train Conductor who reported this had no idea how this all played out after he radioed it into his dispatch and they in turn called 911. He had no idea she just spent 18 hours overnight in that canal. To Sergeant Salcido, Deputy Rice, Officer Meza, EA Williams and all of the unsung HEROES who were involved in this rescue, THANK YOU so very much for saving my sister’s life!!!

Facebook via WPD

Never enough heroes, but be reassured we appreciate every angel out there who will risk their own safety and lives for others.

Photos via Facebook Wellton Police Department

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