Update on Houston street dog who tried to be invisible because most people tried to hurt him

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Every day a street dog in Cleveland, Texas would hide in the rocky areas and try to find a place to lie down and sleep while remaining alert enough to fend off predators. He would scavenge the area for food – even just a tiny morsel to stave off the pains in his stomach from starvation was an accomplishment.

As he searched for food, he dodged cars; some vehicles trying to purposely run him over. And he watched people walk by, for awhile he was hopeful someone would save him, but after so many people let him down and just walked on by, he became leery of humans and would no longer approach anyone. He thought he could become invisible and then no one would try to hurt him.

Fortunately Moose was one of the lucky strays in the area. He was rescued by ThisIsHouston. Sadly he was so afraid of humans he had to be captured with the use of a humane trap. Poor Moose had been riddled with pellets. Whoever shot Moose had no mercy on him. He remained at the hospital for a few days and was monitored for foreign material and rocks in his stomach.

“We saw his sad face and wanted to help him. So he was safely trapped and he’s been living the good life for almost 2 months now. He’s ready for his forever home! His home should be patient and understanding of the trauma he’s been through.”


Moose is heartworm positive so he needs to remain local at this time. A family in the Houston area would be perfect. If interested in helping Moose, please apply here. Moose is dog friendly and is approximately five-years-old. It is not known how he is with young children or cats, but if you would like to do a “meet and greet” please contact the rescue.

To donate to Moose’s care: Paypal.me/ThisIsHoustonTX Venmo @ThisIsHoustonCash App $ThisIsHoustonthis-is-houston.org/ways-to-help/donate/Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

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