Rescuers save 53 dogs from the back of an illegal slaughter truck in Indonesia moments before they were to be killed

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Rescuers in Indonesia reported hearing dogs whimpering inside of a transport truck as they approached the vehicle on Wednesday morning. Further investigation found dogs trapped in hessian sacks – most with their mouths tied shut with string, cable ties and wire.

According to the Humane Society International, and a video that has since been released, one of the dogs is visible falling over other dogs in total confusion and fright as rescuers arrive and open the rear of the truck.

“Moments before being brutally killed for their meat, we rescued more than 50 starving, terrified dogs during a raid of an illegal slaughterhouse in Sukoharjo, Indonesia. After a long and terrible journey crammed onto trucks with their mouths tightly bound shut, these dogs are in desperate need of veterinary medical attention, food, and rehabilitation to survive.”


Yahoo News reports the dogs were drenched in their own urine and feces when police intercepted the vehicle along Indonesia’s main island of Java in a sting operation targeting the dog meat industry. Concerned citizens in the area had been making complaints concerning the theft and disappearance of their pets. Lola Webber said some of the dogs rescued were still wearing their collars leading her to believe they had been stolen.

It is believed the dogs were literally hours away from having been slaughtered and had been rescued in the “nick of time.” Tragically the dogs winding up at slaughter houses are killed by being bludgeoned over their heads and their throats cut. One can not even imagine the fear and pain these sentient animals had to have endured.

“People do not want this trade or slaughter in their communities. Dogs are friends, not food, and the trade is already illegal and is strictly prohibited by Islamic law.”

Concerned citizen

HSI has been campaigning against dog slaughter across the country where up to one million dogs are still killed each year. The consumption of dog meat has been banned in jurisdictions and where the raid took place. Rabies is often a main concern for those still eating dog meat – 105 human deaths have been linked to rabies.

To donate to these dogs who all need emergency veterinary care, please click here.

Disturbing video. Viewer discretion advised. May not be suitable for all audiences.

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  1. Mina says:

    Oh dear mother of god, how can these so-called humans do that to mans’ best friend? Totally disgusting and the people who eat dogs too! Shame! Cruel souls. Are they even human? People there have to help as an organization against these low-life criminals. There has to be very harsh sentences, even for those who buy dog meat.


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