Irresponsible owner dressed her senior dog in Tartan plaid coat and then abandoned her on the streets of Houston

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An irresponsible owner, who apparently couldn’t wait the two weeks required to surrender her dog to BARC in Houston, dressed her senior pup in its warm Tartan plaid coat on Thanksgiving day. Most likely, the dog who had spent her life giving her all – loyalty and love – thought she was going for a family ride or a walk alongside of her human. Sadly, that was not the case.

“You either walk or drive her to a different part of the neighborhood and toss her to the streets. She is confused, she whines, she has no idea what to do or where to go.”

Houston K-911 Rescue

Fortunately, it was a Good Samaritan who spotted her and contacted Houston K-911 Rescue for help. The owner of this sweet senior dog has since been identified and located, and now it is known that she had been too impatient to wait two weeks for an appointment to surrender her dog at BARC. What kind of solution was that? And so the owner abandoned the dog in the streets to fend for herself in the cold temperatures?

“I wonder if you will sleep well tonight not knowing whether she is hungry or scared or already run over, maimed and barely breathing. Do you even care?

She’s going to be safe tonight. She might miss you but we will work hard to help her forget.”

Houston K-911 Rescue Facebook

And now this precious senior has a foster home, and her caretaker describes her as just melting into her lap. Welcome to your new life Honey. You are already loved.

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