UPDATE: Decatur residents protest animal cruelty of chained dogs left to wallow in mud

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In Decatur, Alabama, an animal rescuer was so overwhelmed with the absence of animal cruelty laws in her home state as well as the lack of investigations in suspected neglect and cruelty cases, earlier this week she decided to let photographs speak for themselves and for the dogs who continue to suffer.

The disturbing photos quickly went viral; the dogs left outdoors tethered by thick chains and covered in mud were heartbreaking. One photo showed a dead dog lying close to one of the chained pups.

According to the Decatur Police Department, animal control officers made contact with the caregiver. Six adult dogs, three puppies and one deceased adult dog were located at the home. Several of the dogs were found muddy and tethered outside, unable to reach shelter from the rain.

“Animal control officers instructed the caregiver to move the animals to a drier location on the property where they could reach shelter and be out of the mud. Animal control observed two animals with what appeared to be minor injuries and instructed the caregiver to take the injured animals to the veterinarian for treatment.
Animal control officers escorted the caregiver with the injured animals to a local veterinarian to seek treatment. After examination by the veterinarian, one of the dogs appeared to have injuries from a restrictive collar and a small wound to its right inner leg. The second dog had a flea infestation and abnormal gait. The deceased dog was also taken to the veterinarian for an examination. It was determined to have died from being anemic, possibly due to a parasitic infestation.”
The dogs were treated and returned to the owner with instructions how to care for them; animal activists were shocked and angry and began to gather in front of the home in a peaceful protest. On Friday, all of the dogs were finally removed from the property with the caregiver surrendering the pets – three of which were puppies.
The case remains under investigation. As of this date and time, authorities say there is no evidence to suggest any type of illegal dog fighting activity.

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Why does it take getting so many people literally “up in arms” over an OBVIOUS case of EXTREME NEGLECT/DISREGARD, if not outright ABUSE, of a living being DEPENDENT on YOU the owner, for BASIC care, ESPECIALLY when YOU TIE them UP, to get those PAID to intervene, to DO THEIR JOBS? WHY!!! What is WRONG with you people in the ENTIRE SOUTH EAST? Not EVERY state has such horrendous, DAILY torture stories regarding animals and some are 3 TIMES more likely to see this, then you WONDER WHY you’re seen as damn idiots. You don’t SEEM to have the SENSE to get those YOU VOTE for, to legislate new laws to at least make these thugs think twice before engaging in animal TORTURE! Here in Arizona, the amount of ABUSE and DEATHS from dogs being tied out indefinitely PLUMMETED to all time lows once we got a law on the books making it ILLEGAL when it’s over/under certain temps AND only for one hour at ANY time. This SAME law also made it MANDATORY to have proper shelter/food/water at ALL times. Violate it and you get fined the FIRST TIME, period, and it gets worse for EVERY violation thereafter. NOT complicated people! If not for your own peace of mind, then do it for the INNOCENT animals out there who have NO VOICE and WAKE UP!


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