Tragic update: Elliott’s fight is over – he tried but he was just too tired

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Two-year-old Elliott had eaten a do-rag and a sock – both of which became stuck in his stomach. He survived surgery this past weekend after having been sick for nearly two weeks. His previous owner had decided to have his dog  euthanized instead of the needed life saving surgery, however a veterinarian technician at the animal hospital reached out to ThisIsHouston for help.

Surgeons removed a large part of Elliott’s intestines, and he had been doing well including walking around the clinic and eating on his own. His prognosis looked promising, but just a day later his health began to decline.

“Elliott has been moved from Vergi 24/7 to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. The two hospitals are nearby each other but he transported with a tech who was monitoring him and his pumps. His blood pressure has been dropping since arrival at GCVS and they’re working to stabilize him.
He has no neutrophils and they think he’s septic right now. They’re giving him blood and additional albumin and believe he will need a second surgery. There is still fluid in his abdomen which likely means there is a leakage or that his intestines perforated.”
When Elliott was stabilized in order to undergo a second surgery, veterinarians found more dead intestines and leaking. The sight where he had surgery had not healed. The only option would have been to remove significantly more of his intestines, leaving Elliott with a poor quality of life (short bowel syndrome), assuming he could have survived another surgery. The absence of intestines meant  he would not have been able to absorb nutrients from food. Post surgery would have been associated with serious pain – the heart-wrenching decision to let Elliott go was made after consulting veterinarians and surgeons agreed.
Elliott just couldn’t be saved, but he is no longer in pain.  Rest in peace boy – you were a great dog. You will be missed.
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2 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace Elliott, If not for your former POS owners, I believe you would still be alive. Bless the ones who tried to save you, in the end you were loved.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Precious treasure Elliott, I am very sorry that your humans failed you big time….. I know that you are absolutely in Heaven.
    Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.


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