Rescuers who found Scrappy but couldn’t afford vet care left donation and tearful note

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Late Thursday afternoon, the KC Pet Project  reached out for the community’s help locating the owners of an adorable kitten named Scrappy. Earlier in the day, he was found in a box outside of the Campus with a tearful note along with the description how the kitten was rescued and how he was  cared for and loved.

Sadly, Scrappy’s rescuers were not able to afford his veterinary care. The little guy has mange which can be very expensive to treat, but there was little doubt how much the family cared for Scrappy.

The handwritten note attached to the box described how they rescued him.

“We just want him to get the care he needs. Tell Scrappy we love him…”

With the kitten and the note, a donation towards his care was included.

The organization was so touched by Scrappy’s arrival, the note and the donation, they wanted to find the family who fell in love with the little one – who fed, cared and loved him until they were forced to give him up and reunite them with Scrappy.

And so a plea went out on Thursday and within two hours, Scrappy’s owner had been found.

We’ll be reuniting him with his family and providing all of the medical care he needs to recover from his mange! Thank you all for sharing his story to help us located his owners and donating to support his care.”

Any donations to will go toward Scrappy’s care through our Keep ‘Em Together, KC program.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Having many dumped cats I found 2 or 3 baths with Apple Cider Vinegar kills ring worm. Soak them with it but do not blow dry only towel dry. Do the baths 4-5 days apart. The ring worm will turn black when it’s finally dead. Works on people too. And it’s only a buck a bottle.


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