Man beat dog with broomstick

Injured pup used as ‘bait dog’ garnered the strength to escape from her living hell

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In rural Texas, a “bait dog” – a submissive pup used to train dogs for the illegal dog fighting sport, somehow found enough strength to escape from her living hell and walk onto someone’s property as if begging for help. Covered in thousands of bites and gashes all over her body, she had been bleeding profusely when discovered.

According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the non-profit animal welfare and rescue organization called to help, somehow Ebba had the will to live and find someone to help her before she took her last breath. Her hero, the person who found her, took immediate action to help.

Ebba’s veterinarians confirm the dog’s injuries are from dog fighting in a bait type situation, and Ebba had been obviously used as the bait.

“We of course will give Ebba everything she needs both medically and emotionally to bring her to a place of peace and well-being.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

We now need your help.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Yet ANOTHER ‘lovely example of a demon spawned Texan. Is it any wonder Covid runs RAMPANT in this CORRUPT to the core state? I keep “hearing” that their are “good people” there, yet from what I’ve witnessed, these “so-called good people” are NO WHERE to be found when it comes to providing elected officials that will legislate laws that ACTUALLY SERVE to STOP criminals instead of letting ANIMAL TORTURERS/FIGHTERS rule communities and rapists out 24 hours after being FOUND with a 12 year old girl he kidnapped. Sad, pathetic lot is the reality here.


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