Shocking story of cat in Azerbaijan glued to rat board and left on busy highway makes it to United States

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A cat in Azerbaijan ( former Soviet Republic) arrived in Chicago on Friday and was finally able to meet her new human. Melisa Tanksley picked up Katherine from the airport cargo area. The adorable kitty purred and snuggled – her new owner cried like a baby.

If you’re asking how did all this come about and what happened, the startling story began on December 19, 2020 when a friendly cat accidentally met a gang of evil teenagers who wanted to see an animal suffer just for laughs. Sadly, Katherine was at the wrong place at the wrong time and became the defenseless victim of a most heinous crime of animal cruelty.

The merciless teens beat the cat and knocked her teeth out, but that wasn’t evil enough. They then glued her to a board using rat glue and left her on a busy highway.

Completely immobilized, Katherine screamed for help; no one could hear her and  no one answered. But then, a kind woman spotted the laughing teens and saw Katherine. She rushed to the cat’s rescue and transported the dying cat to an emergency veterinary hospital.

“She has been rushed to the urgent care unit with head trauma, a bleeding mouth and missing teeth. In addition to these injuries, she ingested glue from the culprits’ attempt to seal her mouth shut, which has resulted in toxic poisoning,” the rescue organization Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (GWARP) posted on their social media page.

“She is in a world of pain and the hospital is doing everything they can to keep her comfortable…”

Katherine’s first video after having been rescued follows. Her report was disturbing: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)

Slowly Katherine began to heal. She had been receiving intravenous treatment and hydration, was drinking water and had a great appetite. Despite her horrible ordeal, the friendly cat still purred and enjoyed gentle scratches.

Good news is that Katherine suffered  no broken bones. She did have a serious head injury and remained at the hospital for a month.
“We are happy to note that Katherine is very close to overcoming the poisonous intoxication from swallowing glue. Although her digestive system and liver are damaged from the exposure, she is receiving treatment and responding well. To flush out all traces of the glue, she is detoxified with IV fluids and ongoing monitoring of blood work. Her loss of coordination and lack of balance from the head trauma is also improving each day. Lastly, her eyes are finally fully open.”
And then it was time for the friendly cat to find a human. Many applications were received, but Melisa Tanksley had fallen in love with Katherine the moment she read about the cat’s plight. Melisa checked daily for updates and was thrilled when she was chosen to adopt the cat. Her  full recovery was expected to be in March – Katherine was ready to travel to the United States.

On Thursday morning, 34 dogs and two cats were driven to the airport in Azerbaijan to be measured and to ensure the crates were the proper size. This is an exhausting, but exciting time as all of the pets would be heading to the United States and to their new homes.

 Katherine’s new life can be followed on Facebook with her very own group called Katherine the Conqueror.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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