Homeless woman and her tiny chihuahua share their heartbreaking story with Dallas rescue

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A volunteer from the Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab.Reform stumbled upon a heartbreaking situation Monday morning. Just hours later, Good Samaritans across social media already stepped up to help.

Lisa and her chihuahua named Brenda are homeless in Denton. The rescue organization’s Serenity Project will be taking care of all veterinarian needs for Brenda as well as helping with supplies.

“Today, I met Lisa and her chihuahua Brenda. They are homeless in Denton. I saw them and at first, I thought there might be a baby in the stroller. I stopped and got out and talked with Lisa and met Brenda,” the rescuer began.

During the conversation, Lisa said she had been a recovering drug addict since 2013. All she asked for was some water for her dog.

“I said I would get her some and I asked what else? She said food for Brenda would be great. I asked what she needed for herself. She said any food that she either doesn’t have to cook or she can use with hot water or boil would be great. I asked her what else? She said she would really love a little propane tank so she can cook with her camping stove.”

And so the rescue volunteers went back to the store and purchased the items Lisa requested. In addition, they bought food and a Kong and peanut butter for Brenda and a backpack to carry everything. Lisa nearly cried when the volunteers showed up with the propane, and she was so very appreciative of the food and water.

The story doesn’t end here. After speaking for awhile, the rescuers learned that Lisa’s tent had been damaged in the storms, and a tent and some warm blankets would be wonderful.

As for Brenda, the one-year-old pup hasn’t had any of her vaccines, has not been spayed, and when she did have the money to do that for her dog, she was not able to get an appointment. Lisa’s worst fear is that Brenda gets sick, and she won’t be able afford to take her to a veterinarian.

Lisa has an interview on Tuesday for a job at a fast food restaurant.  The volunteers offered her help, and even though Lisa’s cell phone is not working, she is in the general area everyday.

“I asked Lisa if I could take a picture of her and Brenda and share it and her story with my Facebook friends, so that I could ask if anyone had anything that could help her. She said she didn’t mind. So, if any of our friends have a tent they aren’t using and could donate to Lisa and Brenda, I am sure that would make their lives a lot better. If you have any blankets, or sleeping bags, it would be so appreciated. I am going to take them some other things they need and see about getting Brenda vaccinated. Thank you for caring about Lisa and Brenda.”

Follow the story here.

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