Grizzly bears killed after hunter attacked

Idaho woman fined $5.8K for leaving trash out that attracted grizzly to her campsite

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In Moose, Wyoming, a woman from Idaho was fined $5,800. for leaving trash out at her campsite which attracted a grizzly bear in the Grand Teton National Park.

Other campers had videos and photos of the bear rummaging through the trash and drinks on June 13 at the woman’s unattended campsite. Signs at the campground warn campers to store food in lockers or in their vehicles to avoid attracting the bears.

According to APNews, wildlife officials were able to capture and tranquilize the bear before moving it to another location. If the bear is found to be going after human food again and is deemed a danger to people, it will have to be killed according to the U.S. attorney’s office for Wyoming.

“Irresponsible behaviors have consequences and many times it is the wildlife that pays the ultimate price,” Grand Teton Superintendent Chip Jenkins stated.

The woman was convicted of improper food storage, and the fine will cover the cost of relocating and attaching a GPS collar to the bear to track him. Grizzlies are federally protected (outside of Alaska) as a threatened species.

For more information how to avoid grizzly bears, click here.




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1 reply
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    What a stupid woman!!! NO concept of anyone or anything except herself……. Thought the rules did not apply to her…… makes all campers look bad with her inexcusable behavior……

    I would make her clean up the campsite and ban her from the park for life……

    I grew up in bear country. Bear lockers are the safest place to store foods and scented lotions.

    I would never store anything in my car. Bears have an amazing sense of smell and can open a car like a can opener (I have seen cars opened the entire way: top in one jagged piece and tossed aside and bottom of car thrashed from the bear searching for a bottle of coconut scented hand lotion).

    I hope this bear stays away from humans!!! Bear vs. humans means the bear eventually will lose……


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