Houston animal rescue helps dogs needing treatment in Cleveland- including Zorra

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A group of volunteers from the Houston animal rescue organization, ThisIsHouston, spent Mother’s Day vaccinating and helping dogs in need of treatment in the area of Cleveland, Texas. Just a few hours after dog owners lined up for help, 75 dogs had received help.

Cleveland is a huge dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Many of the dog owners don’t have the money to take their dogs to veterinarians for dewormers and vaccinations. Parvo virus has been epidemic in the area; a highly contagious illness that has a high mortality rate if not treated, but very expensive to treat and easily spread to other dogs – especially puppies.

On Monday, nine dogs were scheduled to be spayed or neutered for free, and then returned to their homes.

” We had one dog not show up after the husband denied our free offer. The wife initially signed their pup up to be altered  and another dog, Zorra, seems quite defeated and has an issue with her back leg. She’s so sad. 2 of our amazing team members drove our transport van out to Cleveland early this morning to collect the dogs from their owners and they’re now driving them to our vet clinic in Houston. The dogs will be loaded back up around 3-4pm and will be driven back to a location in Cleveland for the owners to pick them up.
We also got the momma to London, Paris, Rome and Berlin surrendered to us; her name is Lola. Each dog will cost us about $100 to vet today. We’ll be spaying and neutering Cleveland dogs for free weekly on Tuesdays, so these costs will quickly add up. Anything helps.
Zorra is being surrendered to ThisIsHouston. She is not bearing weight on her back leg, and it is suspected she may have either a dislocated or fractured hip. She will be heading to a surgeon for assessment and will never be abused again.
ThisIsHouston relies on donations for medicine and for the purchase of vaccines. To learn more about the May 23 clinic expected to take place, email help@clevelandtxpets.org.
To donate:
Venmo @ThisIsHouston
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