Even ‘designer’ dogs are abandoned and left out on the streets to die

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At a rural shelter in San Antonio, Texas, another abused and neglected dog arrived early this week.

According to RescueDogsRock NYC, who have stepped up to help, this young pup had been left roaming on the streets to fend for himself. From there, the “designer” dog’s physical condition deteriorated very quickly. Breeders of “designer” dogs combine registered pure bred dog mixes to create new breeds.

It wasn’t long before the emaciated pup became covered in fleas, lost his hair and scratched himself into a painful mess of open and infected sores. No one seemed to care about his breeding anymore.

The shelter reported the dog’s case as urgent – he is extremely weak, can barely stand and is severely dehydrated.

“His name is Genesse and we know at some point in his life he was gorgeous, healthy and happy,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page. “We want to bring him back to life and we can only do that with your help.”

RescueDogsRock NYC take on some of the most difficult and expensive cases. Genesse has been rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital.

Updates to follow.
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