Elderly dog abandoned on the streets last year just days before Christmas celebrates a ‘happy and healthy’ new life

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Just about a year ago, a senior German shepherd and Mastiff blend had been painfully roaming along the streets of Birmingham, England alone and emaciated. And now one year later, the dog now named Molly-Moo, is preparing to celebrate Christmas – this year “happy and healthy” with her new family.

According to the Evening Standard, Molly-Moo arrived at the RSPCA nearly a year ago, after having been picked up by the local police who tried to find her owners. The police officer who found her said the poor dog had been wandering dangerously near a busy road and had been abandoned by someone as if her life or safety didn’t matter. When found, she was little more than skin and bones – her skin red and infected from lack of care.

The rescue organization was able to track her micro-chip and found out Molly-Moo had been stolen six years earlier, but her original owners were not able to take her back. And so the RSPCA engaged their veterinary staff and volunteers to help the senior dog recuperate. She was given medicated baths and placed on a special diet to help her gain weight.

Six months later, Molly-Moo was ready to find a new family. John Bebbington and his family from Leicester were the perfect match. The family had recently lost their dog after 13 years and had been looking for a new member to add to their family. When they saw Molly-Moo’s photo online, they all fell in love.

And in June, the family adopted Molly-Moo, but the road to a happy new family proved to be difficult. The dog suffered terrible separation anxiety and whenever the family had to leave her, she panicked. In addition, her skin condition had not healed; she still smelled terrible and left chunks of fur all over the house. Although the family had their doubts sometimes about providing Molly-Moo with a home, they reminded themselves what had happened to her and how she deserved a happy home.

Every day the dog was bathed and her medication applied, and it’s been nearly a year since Molly-Moo was first found so neglected, so skinny and so scared. She has become part of the family and is now “happy, sweet-natured and well-behaved.” Sure, it takes some dogs a lot longer to be able to adjust both physically and emotionally, but isn’t it all worth it? The Bebbington family sure think so!

Live your life in luxury sweet Molly-Moo. You and your family are an inspiration to all of us.

(Photos screenshots via RSPCA)

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