Dog abandoned in cage during frigid temps is now a ‘Christmas miracle’

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Earlier this month, someone abandoned a neglected and malnourished dog in a metal cage that was dumped in an alley in St. Paul, MN, during freezing conditions. The stars aligned for the discarded dog, who was found by a good Samaritan who saved her life. A foster for Ruff Start Rescue happened to drive by and see the appalling situation – taking quick action to remove the dog from the cold and getting her into a warm vehicle.

The dog, now known as Rosabella, has recovered from her neglect and the rescue group said this week that she is ready for a home. The pup’s foster mom, Breanna, said:

“She’s playful and she’s fun. She likes to run around the yard. She’s getting along really well with our other dogs. She is just the sweetest, little girl in the whole world.” adding that she is “Our little Christmas miracle.”

Though Ruff Start Rescue just stated (on Tuesday) that Rosabella was looking for a home, her adoption profile is already gone – hopefully, this means that her perfect family has already been found. You can view other adoptable pets with the rescue group at this link.

Find the original article about Rosabella’s rescue here.

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