Once a sweet and spirited puppy turns into a ‘broken dog’ after realizing humans keep letting her down

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Kaiyah is a “broken dog” and by far it’s no fault of her own. A tag on her animal shelter information card warns potential rescuers and staff Kaiyah might bite, however her short life has thus far been one of abandonment and disappointment.

And here’s why, so let us begin:

Jill Dyche, an advocate for shelter dogs, helping them find new homes, remembers less than a year ago when a young couple unloaded a spirited dog from their vehicle. It was one-year-old Kaiyah who was being surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter because the couple’s downstairs neighbors complained they could hear the dog’s nails on the floor when she was playing. The landlord ordered the puppy out of the apartment.

There’s always a moment – you can watch it happen … when a dog realizes its fortunes have taken a turn for the worse. Her tail tucked between her legs, Kaiyah was led into the shelter, looking back until the door closed behind her.

Jill Dyche

Shelter volunteers tried their best to counsel the couple about options to keep Kaiyah, suggesting they approach their landlord and move to a first floor apartment. That seemed to have worked, because it wasn’t long before the couple returned and reclaimed Kaiyah; she had happily left the shelter with her cone of shame after having been spayed, but nonetheless that was one happy young pooch.

The couple had decided they would foster Kaiyah until they found a permanent home for her, and (or so it was thought) a new home was found; and a home check with a caring woman living in a downstairs apartment in a dog friendly community with the woman’s Yorkie all seemed perfect. And after all that checking and rechecking, Kaiyah’s couple decided against that home and gave the dog to their cousin. At least Kaiyah would stay with her extended family.

And now we fast forward to last week. On the West Valley Animal Shelter website, Kaiyah’s picture appeared.

I called the shelter and was told that Kaiyah was stressed and being kept in the Observation area. I called Bonnie, who called Kaiyah’s former owners. They explained that the cousin had given Kaiyah to another cousin, who had taken her to the shelter. (“No time”)

Jill Dyche

Today, Jill visited Kaiyah and described the “broken dog.” Kaiyah was now only a shadow of her former self. She was afraid to approach and just looked at Jill. She slowly came forward, sniffed the back of Jill’s hand, briefly made eye contact and then retreated to the back of her shelter cage.

Maybe she recognized me. Maybe she was just looking for a friend? Kaiyah isn’t even two years old, and humans have failed her…

Jill Dyche

No one knows if Kaiyah will ever become that bouncy, playful and trusting young dog again. Shelter management has promised to work with her. Brian, a shelter volunteer, has been sitting with her every day trying to regain her trust.

Kaiyah needs help. Please share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Check out her video. She is so scared and so different than how she used to be. Can you help?

Contact West Valley Shelter – reference K21-037845 (888.452.7381)


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