Cat dumped by owners at shelter after 18 years because they ‘didn’t want cat hair anymore’

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If you already have tears in your eyes because some callous owners dumped their 18-year-old cat at a shelter because “they didn’t want cat hair,” please dry your eyes. This story has a happy ending.

On Reddit, user DoctaEiffel posted a photo of Pumpkin the Ginger Tabby, and told the tale about the cat having been abandoned by her family into an unnamed shelter. Since the heartbreaking ordeal, Pumpkin had to have endured, she has since been adopted and appeared to be in good health.

Her photo showed Pumpkin lying on a comforter with one paw stretched out in front of her looking quite comfortable. It didn’t take long before the photo and the explanation elicited hundreds of responses and went viral.

Here are some:

“How the hell did you go without a pet after 18 years?,” asked DancesWithElectrons.

“Such people are empty and hollow. If you behave this way towards an animal, then you act this way towards people. This is how you behave towards your child. If someone treats an animal badly, he will treat everyone badly when given the opportunity,” posted Burens.

“You don’t throw away people or animals that you really love,” CreaTrish wrote.

Pumpkin is one of the lucky cats – she was adopted. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 3.2 million cats enter shelters annually, and sadly only 1.6 are adopted into new homes. That just isn’t fair.




Pool time 😉


Adorable baby beaver


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Frustrated pup


2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I admit that I am a hardcore cat fan!!! I love dogs, but have always been a cat fan!!!

    I have had 3 amazing furever cats over the years (all were rescued as tiny furballs and part of the family furever) and none of them achieved an age greater than 17……. I would give up everything to have had more time with my precious little treasures MacKitty, Cleo & Peachie…….

    I can’t begin to understand why someone would abandon their precious treasure who has always been there for them…… it infuriates me that someone would abandon a senior furbaby…… How dare they be so cruel??? Do they honestly think that there is a long line of potential adopters for senior cats???

    18 year old Pumpkin had a roughly 50% chance of being adopted or euthanized….. I am VERY happy that she was adopted!!!

    I wish her and her new family all the happiness possible!!!


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