Update on Jake: Dog rescued in awful condition by Houston group

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About an hour’s drive outside of the Houston limits in Cleveland, Good Samaritans discovered Jake at a deserted, broken down structure. He was lying there motionless. At first it was thought the four-year-old shepherd had already died, but he moved and his eyes opened; when the heartbreaking photos of Jake quickly picked up steam on social media early Tuesday, ThisIsHouston stepped forward and rushed over to help.

Rescuers rushed to Jake’s side.

“He’s on the way to Vergi 24/7 now. Should be there soon! This guy is in really bad shape and needs our help!

We must stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. How could people leave him like this? We just don’t get it. Pray for Jake and please share!,” the group posted on Facebook.

Latest video of Jake’s improvement:


Jake decided, after being syringe fed, that food is too good to pass up, and woke up to eat on his own – good signs he has the will to fight. He has lifted his head for brief periods and is able to move his feet and toes when stimulated. Both his blood pressure and blood sugars are improving, and the veterinarians attending to him are slowly weaning him off of intravenous fluids.

At this time he is also being treated for sarcopic mange and eye infections resulting from entropion.

“There is no evidence of bloat on repeat x-rays, which is great to hear! Thankfully we didn’t proceed with surgery as the first vet said. His sodium levels are still high, likely from dehydration. They’ve added IV fluid D5W which is formulated differently so that may help lower his sodium levels. They are ‘guardedly hopeful.’ He’s still not out of woods, and although we were planning to transport him to A&M today, we’ve decided to wait until he’s more stable and he‘s off IV.”

ThisIsHouston also reports the person who owns the property where Jake was found, as well as with the help of surveillance cameras, showed the dog showing up in the early hours of Tuesday morning with a pack of dogs, but Jake had been too weak to keep up with them and likely chose that particular area to die.

Jake is surely one of the lucky ones! Many thanks to the angels who rescue these innocent victims of cruelty and neglect.

More updates to follow.

To donate to Jake:
Call Vergi 24/7 at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston

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