Separated from her bonded friend at shelter, help needed to reunite pair

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At the city shelter in Wichita, Kansas, two bonded dogs are almost out of time. Their deadline to be rehomed and out of the shelter by Wednesday has come and gone. The future for these two lovebirds looks bleak.

Beauties and Beasts, Inc., a non-profit rescue organization tells their story:

“This is Mimi. She is sweet as pie and terrified at the city shelter with her boyfriend, Bullet, too. We recognized this beautiful girl from this summer noted as a confiscate eviction at the shelter, pregnant and dirty. We did not know she was brought in with another dog at that time.”

Video #1

Mimi and Bullet’s story gets sadder.

“They were reclaimed in June and are back at the city shelter as a police confiscate, placed in a restricted hall almost a month ago when their owner was incarcerated. They have recently been relocated into gen pop and can be transferred to rescue but need to move out ASAP.”

Video #2. Check out their video and how much these two dogs love each other.

Please share Mimi and Bullet’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. They need placement before it is too late.  Follow more of their story here.

“This is why we are trying so hard to reunite these two lovebirds. This is love…”

RESCUES: Email the Kansas Humane Society rescue coordinator at or call 316-524-9196 and ask for the rescue coordinator if you have additional questions or to tag this dog. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

FOSTERS /ADOPTERS please apply online at or contact a rescue you are affiliated with. Fosters for Beauties must reside in Kansas but adopters can be from out of state and must travel to Wichita, KS for introductions. Additional foster / adoption requirements are listed on our website.

HURRY. Time is running out.

Note from Beauties and Beasts:

These dogs are NOT in our care, it is at the Wichita, KS Animal Shelter. Beauties and Beasts is an independent state-licensed 501(c)(3) rescue located in Wichita, Kansas. Our volunteers visit the animals at the city shelter and network to save them from euthanasia.
We are only allowed to disclose the information provided in this post. For additional information regarding this dog, please contact the Kansas Humane Society at the number above.
Unless otherwise noted, we do not know if this dog is dog, cat, or kid friendly as we are not allowed to formally test them while they are in the care of the city shelter.

Please note Pet Rescue Report is not the contact point for this dog.

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