Stray Rescue’s ‘Jumbo Jack’ amazing will to survive endears everyone

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A beloved rescued dog named Jumbo Jack is back in foster care and out of the hospital. The Great Dane has been on a roller coaster ride towards recovery after he had been shot in the face – leaving his jaw shattered and making it impossible for him to eat.

Jumbo Jack was rescued last month by Stray Rescue of St. Louis; the Great Dane had been shot in the face. For two weeks he had been left to suffer – his jaw shattered beyond repair. By the time he arrived at the rescue, his wound was swollen and infected. The physical pain he felt had to have been beyond excruciating, yet he wagged his tail, pushed his head against the chests of volunteers and appreciated every tender touch.

After a surgical procedure to remove part of Jumbo Jack’s shattered jaw, his recovery seemed to have been moving along quite well, but complications followed, and it was discovered he had a pneumothorax (air escaping into his chest cavity). And off he went to an emergency specialist.

On Monday, the rescue organization updated everyone:

“Guess who is home? Our beloved Jumbo Jack!
We love him and missed him so much. We were hoping he’d be feeling better and eating real food, but sadly that is not the case for our Jack. After having a swallow test, it was discovered he currently does not have the ability to swallow, due to trauma caused by the gunshot. We’ve been promising him a delicious meal and are so disappointed to hear this news. His bloodwork is also showing that his liver is doing poorly. He still enjoys our cuddles and loves going for walks, so we hope we can get him to where he needs to be to have a wonderful and happy life. Thank you to everyone who has been donating and praying for our special boy.

He is worth it and he feels your love, near and far.”

Keep fighting boy. Everyone wants to see you eat that cheeseburger you have been promised.

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