Man flogs crying elephant in head previous to Buddhist parade ritual

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In a disturbing video, an elephant trainer straddled the back of an elephant in Sri Lanka in a river appearing to give him a bath before a ritual Buddhist parade. The man repeatedly beats the elephant over its head with a stick – the elephant can be heard crying out in pain.

According to the Metro, the whimpering elephant collapsed on his side in the river while the man continued to flog him. Rally for Animal Rights and Environment (RARE) stated the elephant, Vishwa, belongs to the Buddhist temple of Sasanawardena Pirivena in Mirigama. Dozens of elephants at a time are dressed up in colorful costumes and are forced to march for miles night after night.

Advocates posted the following observation:

“Torture of Vishwa.
Behind the scenes of Udugama Bodhiraja Perahera, Sri Lanka yesterday 26.01.2020.
Dear Buddhists are you deaf?
Don’t you hear the elephants crying?
What is it going to take for you to realise that this is what happens at every Perahera and in the backyards of your temples?
Why are you blind to this cruelty done in the name of Buddhism? This is a disgrace to Buddhism.
#BanElephantsInPerahera #SayNoToElephantSlavery
The elephant belongs to Sasanawardena Pirivena (Buddhist Temple for educating Monks), Meerigama.”

Similar complaints of elephants mistreated have continued. In another disturbing video, Vishwa was tied to a tree for two weeks as part of another Buddhist ritual.

Check out the video:

As the 15-year-old elephant was beaten, Vishwa  surrendered to his abuser. His keeper posed for a photo lying on the elephant’s back to taunt the activists and monks protesting the inhumane treatment.

Hunting wild elephants in Sri Lanka is illegal, however poachers are suspected of having killed the mother elephants and capturing the young ones.

Read the tragic story of Tikiri – a 70-year-old emaciated elephant after an annual Buddhist festival in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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