Heartwarming visit from orphaned elephant to her keeper after 8 years and brings her baby along

An orphaned elephant raised by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya nearly 20 years ago, and who later joined a wild herd a few years later when full grown, returned to the trust to “say … Read More

Father arrested for dropping his child into elephant habitat at San Diego Zoo

In San Diego, a father who took his young child to the zoo and dropped the toddler into the elephant habitat on Friday has been arrested and charged with child endangerment and trespassing in a … Read More

‘World’s loneliest elephant’ who spent 35 years in shackles finds new friend

The “world’s loneliest elephant” Kaavan, who has lived in captivity  at the Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo for the last 35 years shackled has been released. For the last eight years, Kaavan has lived alone since the … Read More

Locomotive pilot stops train to allow elephants to safely cross railroad tracks

The driver of a locomotive stopped the train he was piloting on Wednesday to prevent hitting a herd of elephants crossing railroad tracks in West Bengal, India.  A video of the incident was tweeted by … Read More

Man flogs crying elephant in head previous to Buddhist parade ritual

In a disturbing video, an elephant trainer straddled the back of an elephant in Sri Lanka in a river appearing to give him a bath before a ritual Buddhist parade. The man repeatedly beats the … Read More

Starving elephant photo goes viral: Sri Lanka withdraws her from parade

It was to be the closing ceremonies of a Sri Lanka festival on Thursday, where elephants are dressed up in splendid finery and marched through the streets ending in a celebration full of noise, fireworks … Read More

Elephant being beaten to lie down accidentally crushed his trainer

In Kerala, India, an elephant trainer was accidentally crushed to death after he hit the elephant so hard the man lost his balance and fell underneath the animal.

According to Mail Online, video of … Read More

Loneliest elephant ‘unlawfully imprisoned’ at the Bronx Zoo claim

Happy could be the loneliest elephant at the Bronx Zoo, and on Tuesday the 47-year-old Asian elephant was named in a lawsuit charging she has been “unlawfully imprisoned” by making her living in isolation with … Read More

Terrified circus elephant fell and toppled into audience during performance

A terrified circus elephant performing in Osnabruck, Germany on Wednesday in one of Germany’s largest circuses, accidentally bumped into another elephant carrying a female performer and toppled into the audience.

Fortunately no one was seriously … Read More

South African big game hunter crushed by elephant falling on top of him

In Zimbabwe, a professional South African big game hunter was killed on Friday after an elephant shot by a member of the group fell. Theunis Botha, 51, had been walking with his friends when three … Read More