Dog owner fined after his dog attacked and killed a puppy at park

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A dog owner from Ottawa was fined over the weekend and ordered to muzzle his dog after his unleashed Dogo Argentino attacked a woman and killed her 14-week-old puppy at a park.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the incident occurred two weeks ago at the Rideau River park where Tugce Ozbakkaloglu had been in the park with her puppy, Booboo when she spotted two large dogs racing towards her off leash. Tugce scooped up her Maltese-Yorkie mix into her arms; the brown dog stopped, but the white large dog didn’t and leaped onto the woman knocking her over.

“It happened so fast. It was terrifying. We were rolling on the ground, the three of us – me, my puppy, and this big white dog. We were wrestling. I felt like a mother. I felt like it was my baby. But this dog was so strong that I was under him and I couldn’t move,” Tugce stated.

The white dog did not bite the woman, but he had his teeth tightly clenched into the puppy’s neck. The woman feared for her life. Tugce’s friend had been kicking at the white dog to get it off the woman and her puppy when the dog’s owner finally arrived.

According to Tugce, the dog’s owner was unapologetic and allegedly showed no remorse – even though his dogs were off leash. When police arrived, Tugce was transported to the hospital. Another person stopped to give assistance and rushed the severely bleeding puppy, who was still breathing at the time, to an emergency veterinarian. Booboo died from a broken neck just as they arrived at the hospital.

Tugce was treated for injuries, but also had to get a tetanus shot and needed to wait to see whether the white dog had rabies – as the owner had no record of his dogs ever receiving their vaccinations.

And the punishment for not leashing his dogs and causing the death of her puppy -the dog owner was fined and has been ordered to muzzle and leash his dog when off the owner’s property. Ottawa police stated the dog attack was not considered a criminal matter.

“My puppy ended up dead in my arms and I ended up with physical and mental injuries. Here is the punch line, the dog killed my dog is sent home with his owner & only given a couple of tickets to pay. This is where I need your help. Do I have any lawyer or journalist friends that I can give me advice? Or did any of you have similar experiences that might point me in the right direction? I am seriously concerned of public’s safety. These two dogs are still walking around our city parks as we speak with a very disturbed owner. He told me to get a new dog! Your help is appreciated. Be safe,” Ozbakkaloglu wrote on her Facebook page.

(Photo via Facebook)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    If this had happened in the US, those nasty dogs would have been impounded and PTS.
    You, as an injured party, should contact a personal injury attorney to learn your rights and (hopefully) sue this POS In civil court for your damages (including the health care costs for you and your precious puppy, cost of the puppy and any other damages the attorney suggests should be included).


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