Dog groomer charged with animal cruelty for fatally injuring Yorkie

In Butler County, Ohio, a dog groomer faces animal cruelty charges after allegedly injuring a small Yorkshire terrier so severely, the dog had to be humanely euthanized.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, Andra Edison, 51, placed the four-pound dog into a submission hold which allegedly led to the injuries. The 13-year-old dog, named Lacey had been left at the groomer’s home, and Edison agreed to bring the dog home after she was done.

The owner stated when Lacey returned home, she was whimpering, falling over, unable to walk and held her head to the ground. When rushed to an emergency veterinarian, the dog was examined and said to have suffered blunt force trauma to the head, bruising around her neck and shoulders and several broken ribs which caused lung contusions. It was decided at that time to humanely euthanize Lacey.

“The Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens, during their investigation, determined groomer Andra Edison conducted a (Dominance/Submission Hold) holding the four-pound K-9 down with full body weight on the metal grooming table. According to the veterinarian at MedVet, this may have been the cause of the broken ribs and contusions. The bruising on the neck was most likely from the chain or leash used by the groomer to hold the K-9 still,” Sheriff Jones posted on the office’s Facebook page.

Edison of Madison Township is charged with Cruelty to a Companion Animal (M2).

Rest in peace Lacey.

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Peace, Love, Dogs

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