Basset hound has waited nearly a year at shelter and no one wants him

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At the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, a basset hound/border collie mix, has waited nearly a year for a place to call home; no one seems to want him. With more than 1,600 adoption applications at the shelter received, none have been for Puff Daddy.

According to the shelter, Puff Daddy has been in foster care, and although he may have some issues, surely there is a family out there ready to give this three-year-old boy with a slight limp and only one eye a loving home. Puff Daddy does not do well with other pets, and therefore has to be the only dog in the home.

While the other dogs are being adopted very quickly because of the increased interest in having a canine companion  due to Covid-19, Puff Daddy just watches everyone else leaving – and as if to say, “Why not me?”

Nearly a year ago, Puff Daddy was found chained up on a rural property and had likely been attacked by other dogs. When he was rescued, he had injuries on his face and neck area and needed to have his eye removed – he now has a startle response in one eye.

Photographer Rachel Rogers takes professional photos of rescue dogs and did a photo shoot of Puff Daddy. He’s quite the active dog, but while taking a break captured the dog’s beauty – hoping to help find that perfect family.

“He can walk 5-10 minutes at a time (doc’s orders) and he doesn’t like strange dogs approaching him (or getting ideas about approaching him). Knowing this, we drove to a quiet trailhead that starts halfway up the shortest mountain around.
I had the best feeling about this tailored Puff Daddy outing already: this short trail has a great view on the way up on the right which would be perfect because that is when Puff Daddy would be most vigilant and that’s where he keeps his eye. I knew this slow-footed little buddy was going to be so happy to have my subtle helping hand if necessary, and would definitely be impressed with both the quantity and variety of my snack preparation.
One minute into our walk, I saw that I was wrong (which usually happens when one makes assumptions about something one knows very little about).

He was actually very strong and quite able. He didn’t care about my eagerness to help or cheer him; he didn’t seem to require this at all. And he was so busy smelling plants and deciding whether to pee on them that he didn’t have time to show interest in the snacks I brought.
From the top, Puff motored the seven minutes back to the car. We headed to a nearby creek to cool off and finally focus on snacks.”

Alright, so Puff Daddy beats to his own drum, but why not? Share his story and help him find a home.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    What a gorgeous little treasure!!! We have a multi-pet household but I hope there is someone local who can open their heart and home for this precious treasure…….

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