12-year-old German shepherd dumped by her owner waits to be loved

At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California, Faith waits for someone to love her again. The 12-year-old German shepherd was surrendered by her family. Since January 24 no one has wanted to adopt her.

Check out her video:


It’s not as if Faith wouldn’t make a perfect companion. Her shelter notes indicate she was at the front of her kennel when the volunteer arrived to take her outside for a walk.

“Faith was at the front of the kennel when the runner approached. She had a relaxed body posture, relaxed tail wag, soft eyes, natural ear set and a closed mouth. She sniffed the runner’s hand when it was presented. She was able to be easily leashed and safely removed from the kennel. She walked alongside the runner over to the catch pen. She was easy to collar. She exchanged greetings through the gate and then began to sniff around the catch pen.”

As she entered the yard with the other dogs, Faith walked by them and started to sniff and explore. Even as other dogs approached her, she tolerated their presence but strolled away to capture the new smells. A low energy dog, Faith prefers to be by herself. As the other dogs moved closer and wanted to interact with her, Faith did growl and convinced them to move away.

“The dogs then kept their distance, Faith lied down in an isolated part of the yard. She simply observed the other dogs and continued to keep to herself. Faith had a gentle/dainty playstyle and is tolerant of the other dogs. She will be available for public adoption with middle school aged children or older, Large calm dogs are recommended.”

Adoption listing:








12 years



💕 #A5346298
12yo spayed female 63lbs. Quiet and sweet, just waiting. Hoping she finds someone to show her how good life can be. Available for adoption or rescue at the County of Los Angeles – Lancaster Animal Care Center
Shelter phone (661)940-4191 press 5,2,2 call direct for info or updates..

Share Faith’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow her story here.

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