Woman accused of dragging dog on scooter pleads not guilty

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In Bakersfield, California, Elaine Rosa, the woman alleged to have been caught on video dragging a dog behind a motorized scooter pleaded not guilty in court on Monday.

Prosecutors have charged the woman with felony animal cruelty and a misdemeanor for failing to provide animal care. Rosa was spotted dragging the small dog behind an electric scooter in early January. Brandon Saunders witnessed the disturbing situation and confronted Rosa. Saunders stated the woman acted “indignant” and said she would call authorities.

“The dog was on its side and we watched it being drug at least 100 yards and there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it for before we saw it,” Saunders posted on social media. “You can see that its paws are all completely bloody. I was unable to get a good picture of the poor dog’s side.”

The dog, named Zebra received medical treatment for his injuries and returned to the legal owner.

According to the Bakersfield.com, Rosa is not allowed to own or to be in possession of any animals until the outcome of the case. The defendant had been employed as a psychologist at Kern Valley State Prison; her contract was terminated the day after the video went viral.

If found guilty of the felony charge, Rosa could be sentenced to three years in jail and up to a $20,000 fine. The misdemeanor charge is punishable by the maximum sentence of six-months in jail.

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6 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    They have a video of you doing it lady, how can you plead not guilty? Toss her in jail and throw away the key!

  2. Pamela D says:

    Imagine a psychologist who has very low ratings I can see why. Thank God this wonderful person video the horrific action dragging this poor dog and thinks nothing of Zebra’s blooding paws. Sick bitch. Psychotic bastard like to knock the stupid smile off her face. At least she got fired the next day from her job.

  3. Laura says:

    Just “not guilty”? That’s all that’s being newly reported here? She must have cooked up some cockamamie excuse for what she obviously did. And it’s such a mystery as to who the “owner” of the dog is. I believed then and still believe now that this is a lesbian relationship gone bad and that the ex of this monster claimed the dog and kept her and the monster did this out of spite. There are past photos of her holding the dog lovingly and saying “who rescued who?” and such. This case is way too vague. I just hope that poor dog is 100% safe where she is and that the sadistic cowardly woman is found guilty of the felony and does serious time.

  4. Gizmos Mommy says:

    That fucking little island puke. Of course the savage maggot would plead not guilty, taking advantage of the justice system. Hello there’s a video of “it”. Our legal system is so fucked up that it would allow that to happen. I’m disgusted. The video is THE smoking gun!!! How the fuck can “it” plead not guilty??? “Its” a disgrace to anyone with a psychology degree. Actually “its” a disgrace to the human race and since “it” doesn’t qualify as a human being I say execute “it” – the sooner the better. I’d be happy to donate my services free of charge!!!


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