Elderly dog found with deceased guardian

Elderly dog found standing guard over deceased guardian

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Days ago, an elderly dog was found standing over her deceased guardian. The estimated 15-year-old Labrador retriever, Sam, was clearly distraught – refusing to leave the side of her owner, Arthur. On February 28, Oklahoma’s 1 Day Ranch explained the sad situation:

Pottawatomie County sheriff’s office to assist with a very sad situation… sometime in the last 24 hours a elderly man passed away in his home… his friend/neighbor found him late this afternoon after he was trying to get a hold of him and he never answered his phone. The man, who’s name we found out was Arthur, didn’t have any living family other than a brother out of state that the sheriff’s department was trying to get in touch with…. and Sam.

Sam never left Arthur’s side – in fact, she had to be removed from the home in order to allow the medical examiner to take Arthur’s body away. The rescue group described Sam’s emotional response when she was forced to leave her person:

Sam was visibly upset about leaving and tried many times to wake her owner before we took her. We made sure to give her time to say goodbye before we had to force her to leave, but she still whined and howled the whole way back to the Ranch.

It took a lot of love and patience to help Sam settle in at the Ranch – on March 1, the agency wrote:

I am happy to report that, while still having a lot of anxiety, Sam is settling in quite well here at the ranch…. she is drinking a bit of water but not yet eating… however, we found that a French Fry is most definitely the key to her heart! We have also convinced her to eat a few other healthier treats. 

Sam has many age-related maladies…she is hard of hearing, her eyesight is poor and she has arthritis. But she still is alive and capable of giving, and receiving, love. As reported by People, the rescue group will likely be searching for a hospice foster home where Sam can spend the rest of her days.

Until that time, Sam is being cared for – the organization explained that Sam’s owner did not have family in the area to take her in:

After speaking with a few people who knew him, we feel that’s what he would have wanted. He didn’t have any family locally and was never married or had any children…. so we want to try our best to help her be there for him. She is his family.

Sam will be seen by a veterinarian early next week and the rescue group hopes to take her to Arthur’s funeral for final good-byes.

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh poor baby, she doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t wake up. I hope she finds a loving home for the remainder of her days, may Arthur rest in peace.

  2. Addie says:

    Sam is so very loyal to her daddy as I sure her daddy was to her. This is a true example of how strong the bond is between pet parent and dog. I am sure they truly loved each other and hope that Sam can live out the rest of her life with love and special caring.

  3. Darla G says:

    Yes, PLEASE take her to her dad’s funeral. She will know he’s in the casket even if it’s closed. Just remember Sully, President Bush’s service dog, who had only been with the former president for a few months…..he lay in front of the casket. There was a Lab here in Iowa who did the same thing when his owner, a Navy Seal, was killed. I hope Sam lives as happily as possible in a foster hospice home. She’s in my prayers.

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    No surprises here! Animals are much more loyal, faithful and devoted than MOST humans!

    Thank you to the angel heroes at 1 Day Ranch!


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