Rare white panda photographed in China for the first time

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In Beijing, a rare white panda has been photographed for the first time. Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan province posted the picture on Sunday showing the panda in the forest.

The panda has red eyes, is all white and lacks the black fur trim on its legs, arms, ears and around its eyes. According to the organization, the albino panda is about two years old and appears to be physically strong and has a steady gait.

The albinism [a rare genetically inherited condition that prevents the normal synthesis of melanin, resulting in white hair or pale skin, as well as reddish eyes] has not affected the panda’s health. The photo was captured by a movement camera in early April.

Pandas are extremely rare – the Chinese government estimates less than 1,864 giant pandas left in the world.

(photo of rare white panda via Wolong National Nature Reserve)

Check out the video: (brown and white panda spotted)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    So glad they are not going to torture it, kill it and eat it–LIKE THE BiLLiONS OF DOGS AND CATS THAT ARE BRUTALLY TORTURED, SLAUGHtERED AND EATEN EVERY YEAR!

    That being said–I realze and personally know that there are also BILLIONS of people and organizations in China who are desperately fighting this, but they URGENTLY NEED WORLDWIDE HELP AND SUPPORT! Please sign petitions, spread the word and donate, if possible, before the June Yulin massacre! Otherwise, thousands of cats and dogs will be tortured and slaughtered AGAIN THIS YEAR! Only WE can keep the numbers down by supporting the rescue groups who actually travel to Yulin to INTERCEPT the transport of the dogs and cats that are dying of thirst and starvation on the way to being massacred.


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