Portland man accused of sexual assault of Lhasa Apso ‘out of anger’

A 51-year-old Portland area man has been arrested on charges of animal abuse and sexually assaulting an animal. Fidel Lopez was arrested Wednesday and booked into the Multnomah County jail.

According to Oregon Live, an investigation began on December 4, 2018. Lopez told Portland police that he and the Lhasa Apso, who belonged to his girlfriend, had been lying in bed when Lopez became upset because the woman wouldn’t respond to his texts and calls. He stated he had been drinking and “out of anger” he sexually assaulted the dog named Estrella, but stated “she seemed fine at the time.”

The dog’s owner later found Estrella hiding under the couch crying and bleeding and rushed the dog to the veterinarian. She told the staff at the veterinarian’s office her fiance had “bestiality tendencies.” In addition, she told the staff her fiance asked her to get a bigger dog.

Tragically, Estrella suffered severe internal injuries and was humanely euthanized. A necropsy performed on the dog revealed Lopez’ s DNA.

Lopez has been charged with suspicion of first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault on an animal. He remains in jail.

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  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The girlfriend is just as warped as the man when she leaves her dog with a man who has bestiality “tendencies?” RIP poor Estrella you didn’t deserve to be hurt.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Never ever let this scum out of jail and only in a body bag. I hope at least one animal lover in prison does to him what he did to this poor dog. The pain and suffering this tiny pup went through to be hiding under the couch crying and bleeding. May this happen to this vile monster over and over again until he cries for mercy and only gets death. This one of those “Dreamers” Obama wanted in our country?

    • Laura says:

      While I do agree with you that this monster deserves to suffer rape in prison for eternity, your racist comment about “The Dreamers” was unnecerracy and it shows how ignorant you are about who “Dreamers” are… Plenty of whites, Asians, and blacks have being cruel to animals too… the race of the perpetrator is irrelevant

    • maxiemom says:

      Fairly certain I’ve pointed this out to you, but people with the last name of Lopez, or Gonzalez, or a host of other Latino names were in this country LONG before anyone names Smith, Jones, Walters, etc. Why is it that any time a Latino commits a crime, you and others like you automatically assume the person is illegal and / or is new to this country? Shame on you!!!
      Animal abusers come in all shapes, sizes, and races, and most of them are legal, just like the majority of crimes and murders committed in this country are by legal citizens. In fact, it’s only a very small percentage that aren’t.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Stop referring to these savage maggots as men!!!!! They are not men; they don’t even qualify as human beings. By calling these maggots men, reporters are complimenting them!!! They are not men!!! This has got to stop! A MAN would not do that. And the girlfriend – she’s a sick bitch. “It” has those tendencies and she decides to stay with “it”? She’s just as bad if not worse.


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