Mother’s Day gift to her babies from mom opossum after hit by car

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A special Mother’s Day gift is being celebrated at a wild animal rescue center in San Rafael, California this past weekend. A mom opossum, most likely having had been hit by a car, was rescued by WildCare, as she carried her tiny babies in her pouch.

According to the rescue organization, when the mom opossum was first examined by veterinarians, she suffered a jaw fracture. Her babies had been in her pouch and survived the impact of the crash without injuries. At the time they were rescued, the babies were only the size of jellybeans.

“The baby opossums leave the uterus and make their way up the mother’s belly to her marsupium (or pouch), where each baby latches onto one of 13 nipples by swallowing it. The young opossums complete their development in the marsupium, eventually venturing out of the pouch for longer and longer periods as their eyes open, their reflexes develop, and their curiosity expands.”

Once the babies leaves the pouch, they cling to their mother’s back and fur as mom searches for food.

“This mother opossum has nine healthy babies, all of whom use all four feet to grip her fur and cling to her body. They’re curious little things, so sometimes they will leave her to explore a bit, but they will express their anxiety about being away from her with loud “ch ch ch” calls, and they’ll run and climb back onto her shoulders every few minutes.”


As soon as they are all big enough, they will be released back into the wild. Happy Mother’s Day – all life is precious.


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A miraculous recovery

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