Viral video of Hofstra University students forcing pup to drink beer

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In Hempstead, New York, a video of students forcing a pup to drink beer from a keg went viral this past weekend – with more than 85,000 views. Originally posted on SnapChat, Kristinaproscia shared the disturbing five-second content on Twitter with the following comment:

“So apparently it’s okay to force dogs to drink beer even though it can kill them? Pls do better…”

“…forcing beer down a dog’s throat has to be animal cruelty right?,” another Twitter user wrote.

According to Patch, the Hofstra University Alpha Epsilon Pi, has been ordered to suspend their activities. The video showed one man squirting liquid from a beer keg spout into the mouth of a small, long haired dog held still by another person. In the background, voices could be hear yelling “Let’s go,” as the men get closer to the dog.

The video quickly went viral after it was tagged to two animal protection organizations, the police and university officials.

The fraternity has since been ordered to “cease and desist” because of suspected violations of health and safety policies.

“The behavior seen on the video is unacceptable and in violation of the University’s Community Standards Code,” a spokesperson for Hofstra University said, adding that any students identified in the video will be subject to disciplinary action for violating the code.”

There has been no update on the dog’s condition.

(Photo via Twitter user Kristinaporscia)

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A miraculous recovery

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  1. Are they’INSANE or JUST HEARTLESS! This is BEYOND CRUEL–IT IS ATTEMPTED MURDER! Please update on the dog’s condition!

  2. And what kind of discipline do you think these entitled morons will receive. Being in violation of the University’s Community Standards Code is the least of this, this is animal cruelty! They need to go to jail!


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