Moose trapped in window well hauled to safety

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In Keystone, Colorado, one never knows what critter might be in need of rescue. Just ask the Summit Fire & EMS as they added “moose rescue” to their list of emergency responses they successfully performed on Sunday.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the dramatic rescue involved a 800 to 1,000 pound young male moose that likely had been trying to avoid snowdrifts by walking close to a home. To his dismay, however, he fell into the homes’ five-foot deep window well.

Summit Fire & EMS notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers who arrived and tranquilized him. The 35 person rescue crew, along with emergency services and Keystone ski resort personnel worked nearly six hours to set up a pulley system to haul him out.

“There, he was awakened with a counteractive agent, and no injuries were suspected (including¬† to firefighters). The moose didn’t even break the window in his struggles,” the firefighters posted.

Just before the moose ( affectionately named Bullwinkle) was awakened, the crew gathered around for a “selfie.”

Live long and be careful Bullwinkle. Great job by everyone involved. You are all heroes. (Wake me when it’s over!)

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  1. Many thanks and blessings to the fire and rescue heroes! People often don’t realize that you perform miracles every day! Carry on, Dear Ones!


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