Dog's ashes found

Woman hopes to find rightful owner of dog’s ashes

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Last week, a woman discovered a wooden box, containing a dog’s ashes, near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, California. The woman is hoping to find whoever owned the dog, whose name was Bruno.

On the front of the box is an engraving which reads, “Be happy Bruno, we miss you.”

On March 9, Lori Manalo turned to social media in an attempt to locate Bruno’s person. In a public Facebook post, she wrote:

Ok, so I need some help. I was in SF yesterday and found this urn on the rocks at the beach, near Golden Gate Bridge. It’s someones pup, Bruno. Looks as though they dumped his urn into the ocean and it washed up, I don’t know.

Manalo updated her post to let people know that she contacted the company listed on the wooden box, but they informed her that they could not match the owner to the box. As it turns out, Manalo wasn’t the first person to find Bruno’s ashes. She wrote:

She advised me that someone else had also found the urn and left it there hoping the owners would find it…. but they didn’t, I did. Now my mission is to find the Dogs best friend.

She ended her post with a request for help:

Can you please share this so that God willing Bruno can be reunited with his owners. Until then, I now have a new pet in my family. 🐕

Do you recognize this box? If so, please message Lori on Facebook, or send her an email at

(Image of wooden box via Facebook)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is something that I would NOT lose. I don’t understand why the owners would have left it behind. I hope and pray Bruno is reunited with his people.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Clearly–love for Bruno continues as angels continue to care for him! Hope and pray he will be united with his family. If not, I think Bruno’s ashes should be scattered into the ocean as seems to be the original plan.


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