‘Mocha’ totally defeated and about to be euth’ed for space

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In Salisbury, North Carolina, ‘Mocha’ sits in the Rowan County Animal Shelter totally defeated and soon to be euthanized for needed space. It’s not that Mocha is mean, it’s not that the shelter is mean either, however the shelter is overcrowded and no one has come to the dog’s rescue.

On Saturday afternoon, animal advocate and shelter volunteer Albina Albiie Chanel penned an open letter to humans from Mocha – the dog whose sad face continues to break our collective hearts.

“Dear humans,

As I sit here on death row totally defeated, I hope my puppies will at least have a better life than I did. I sit here, I am so scared just waiting to be euthanized. You see, I am only a year old. I haven’t had a good life at all. I shake so much in my kennel that people just pass me.”

Mocha arrived at the shelter very skinny. She was surrendered with another dog.

“…humans haven’t been nice to me. I am so skinny but I love to eat. I tried to be brave for my pictures today but I couldn’t even really get up. I tried thou (sic) and I think the girls that were with me knew I was trying…I got brave enough to even take a treat later.”

Sadly, Mocha is another broken soul; barely more than a skeleton and covered in fleas, she doesn’t even want to get up for a walk outdoors. Can you help? Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

“I’m a shy 42. pound girl, i’m under weight. I’m really just frightened here at the shelter. If you have some extra time on your hands then i’m the girl for you. I need someone who can spend time with me and help me not be so scared and help me gain some weight.

A121329 Mocha
Pit Mix, Female-1.6 yrs
Available 10/18/2019
Last Day 11/1/2019

How Mocha even got this way is currently under investigation.

Check out Mocha here.

For more information contact:

1465 Julian Rd (470.74 mi)
Salisbury, North Carolina 28146
(704) 216-7768
Share Mocha’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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