Dog taken from fatal car accident

Desperate search for dog taken by woman after fatal car accident

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On Tuesday, a fatal accident in Marshall County, Indiana, claimed the life of 44-year-old Dorcas Figueroa Hernandez, and now there is a desperate search underway for the accident victim’s dog, Jasmine, who was taken by a woman who stopped to help. The woman, who was driving a yellow Hummer, told a first responder that she would take the little dog to a veterinarian – but she never did.

On October 16, the Marshall County Humane Society reached out to the public for help, writing:

This is Jasmine she was in a serious car accident yesterday afternoon and a passerby took her from the seen of the wreckage and told officers that they were taking her to us! ( but never did) We want to help the family find her. The dog may need medical attention and does have a family that loves and needs her home

Anyone with information about Jasmine’s whereabouts is asked to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 574-936-3107 or the Marshall County Humane Society at 574-936-8300.

(Image via Marshall County Humane Society Facebook page)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This poor family want their dog back, a link to their lost loved one. Why this woman was allowed to just walk away with a scared little dog is anyone’s guess. The police or animal control should have been the ones to take the dog, not a passer by who “stopped to help”. I pray they find the little dog, Jasmine needs her family as much as they need her!


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