Man accused of throwing 4-month-old puppy for peeing on its bed

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In Bloomington, Indiana, the owner of a four-month-old puppy was arrested on Friday for allegedly throwing the puppy against a wall for peeing on its bed. Hayden Miller, 21, faces animal cruelty charges.

According to Fox News, a neighbor called authorities after hearing loud thuds and an animal crying out in pain. The report from the person said it sounded as if a dog had been thrown against the wall and then cried out.

When police arrived at Miller’s home, he said the puppy, named Max had urinated on its bed, and he was punishing the pup by putting Max’s nose in it and smacking him on its backside. Miller had owned the dog for at least six-weeks and had never taken the dog to a veterinarian.

Police found Max limping and scared. The puppy was taken to a veterinarian where Max was diagnosed with bleeding in his eyes, bruising inside of his ears – all  the result of head trauma or strangulation.

Max is now in the custody of animal control. Get well little guy. We hope you find justice and a wonderful new home.

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