Group who went to smoke pot in abandoned home found caged tiger

In Houston, a group of friends wanting to smoke pot on Monday in an abandoned home, were quite surprised – and no they were not hallucinating. In the house they found a caged tiger.

According to NbcNews, the people who went to smoke marijuana called police, and it took some convincing before authorities believed them.

“We questioned them as to whether they were under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger,” stated Sgt. Jason Alderete of the Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders, Livestock Animal Cruelty Unit.

Animal shelter volunteers and an animal cruelty unit arrived at the scene to find the tiger. He has been named “Tyson” after the movie “The Hangover.”

The tiger appeared healthy, however the cage was only secured by a nylon strap and screwdriver. Had the tiger escaped, there could have been fatal consequences for both humans and the animal. The tiger has been transferred to an animal shelter and will be relocated to a sanctuary in Texas that is licensed to handle exotic pets.

In Texas, it is legal to own a tiger if the owner has a wild game permit, however it is illegal in Houston to have a tiger.

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  1. Jeanette Fossum says:

    what the hell are people thinking. never own a wild animal. they belong in the wild, Not in captivity! then to abandon the poor creature.


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