Emaciated mastiff left in vacant house for at least 30 days

Near Kansas City, Kansas an emaciated mastiff was left alone in a vacant house as if she was garbage. She wasn’t discovered until the new homeowners took possession of the house and found the dog abandoned inside.

According to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption, the rescue group now caring for the dog, it is estimated she had been left on her own for a least 30 days – which is how long it took the buyers to close title on the property. Now dubbed Lovely Bones, the dog weighed in at 75 pounds when rescued – a dog of her breed and frame should weigh twice that amount.

“You can see why we named her what we did,” posted the rescue organization on their Facebook page, “because she is all bones, she is just an absolutely lovely and sweet dog. A true gentle giant in every meaning of that phrase.”

At this time it is not known who abandoned her. Lovely Bones has a long road to recovery, and it is hoped that other than being starved, her health issues are not serious in order for her to regain her health.

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2 replies
  1. Whitney says:

    Wouldn’t the people abandoned her be the last homeowners or renters?
    This is absolutely disgusting!

    Poor baby! I send her prayers and love….LOVELY BONES. 💗


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