Backyard breeder debacle: Four-month-old puppies suffer severe neglect

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Jamie and Claire, just four-months-old, are the innocent victims of a backyard breeder. The puppies had been brought to a shelter in Union County with severely injured deformed legs and paws.

Florida Urgent Rescue Inc. was called to help.

“Jamie has his front paws moving in all the wrong directions, and his little sister Claire walks like a baby seal. Both little pups have suffered severe neglect in their short lives. They are both the sweetest puppies ever, and they are now safe with FUR,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Rescuers think the puppies had likely been locked in a crate all their lives and never exercised. They suffered from extreme malnutrition which caused carpal hyperflexion and carpal hyperextension. The puppies have been receiving physical therapy, exercise and a proper diet.

Claire may experience complications with an ongoing problem with her hips and may need surgery. Jamie may need surgery on his front paws at a later date also.

Don’t buy a puppy from a backyard breeder. There are so many puppies in shelters who need homes. Don’t support people who only care about making a profit off these innocent dogs. Think about Jamie and Claire the next time you are browsing the Internet looking for a dog.

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