Deranged woman tortured puppy ‘because it bit her’

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A deranged woman tortured her neighbor’s puppy “because it bit her.” One-year-old Labrador retriever mix, Ding was heard screaming and writhing in pain on Saturday in northern Thailand after the woman pulled out the puppy’s teeth.

According to the  Mirror, the puppy’s owners Pol Makmai, 45, and his wife, Yai, ran to the pooch’s rescue and found the deranged woman and her daughter torturing Ding. The woman had tied up the dog and used pruning shears to pull out his teeth stating she wanted to “stop if from happening again.”

The next day, the woman, Duangda Jaiyu, 55, was arrested and admitted to pulling out three of the dog’s teeth. She told authorities the pup had bitten her several times and many of the neighbors were scared of Ding.

“He ran towards me and bit my leg on Sunday while I was with another neighborhood dog that I pet,” Jaiyu told police. “I went straight to a local hospital to receive an injection. I did not tell Pol or his wife about it because I wouldn’t think that it happened so soon.”

And then one week later, Jaiyu stated the dog ran onto her property and bit her left arm, at which time she decided to pull the dog’s teeth, and so she dragged Ding, tied him up with a rope and pulled out three of his canine teeth.

According to police, Pol and his wife face charges of letting their dog bite people, while Jaiyu faces charges of animal cruelty unless both parties can work out a mutual agreement.

(Photos via screenshots Viral Press)

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Both parties should have their teeth and fingernails pulled out to see how it feels. Beyond deranged and to know your dog has bit someone should be a red flag for the owners.

    • Gabriel says:

      God forbid anyone not wanting revenge on a dog after it bit their fucking arm. I guess the right course of action would have been to just tell the neighbors for a mediocre punishment and so the next time the dog maybe would rip someone’s finger.

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    That vile and evil Asian bitch Duangda Jaiyu, 55 and her daughter are animal torturers and must be eradicated from our planet earth. What did this vile and evil animal torturing bitch Duangda Jaiyu, 55 and her bloody daughter do to Ding so Ding would bite. I wish the dog bit her vile and evil face off. The Asians are known to commit the vilest of heinous animal torture and suffering so it wouldn’t surprise me that this evil bitch was torturing Ding and Ding retaliated. I pray that the precious and innocent dogs and cats in animal torturing Asia would retaliate when these Asian monsters are torturing them to death. I hate the Asian animal torturing monsters. They are the filth on our planet earth. What else would you expect in animal torturing Thailand.
    I would love to pull out her filthy teeth and her daughter’s teeth and then put these two bitches to death.


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