Surgery may save dying puppy

Exciting news! Veterinarian believes that ‘dying puppy’ can be saved

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On Tuesday, the rescue group caring for an adorable German shepherd puppy, with a deadly heart defect, released exciting news. Rescued Hearts Northwest informed its Facebook followers that the puppy, named Logan, may be able to undergo surgery to correct the heart defect. The post reads in part:

We were referred to Dr. Scansen and Dr Horton at Colorado State university in Fort Collins Colorado. Dr Scansen reached out to us after one of his former clients Adam Brotman told him about Logan. We sent him Logans records and they reviewed his EKG. We got word today from Dr Scansen that he believes he can do surgery on Logan to repair his heart!!!

Logan’s bucket list

Because the rescue group believed that Logan’s life would be cut short from the heart problem, they created an extensive bucket list to ensure that, though short, his life would be full. The puppy has been to the beach, visited a pet store for special toys, and he has been receiving countless hugs from people who want to share their love.

The surgery

But now there is a chance that Logan’s life may be extended. The rescue group explained what needs to happen to make the surgery possible:

Time is of the essence Dr Scansen set a date for an appointment next Wed and Surgery the following day. This is the best news we could have ever asked for but we were hit with the reality of needing to raise the funds for the $4000 surgery, transportation and lodging during recuperation in a very short amount of time and tonight we were hit with another hurdle. Logan can not ride in Cargo on a plane due to his health issues and according to every airline we contacted he is too big to ride with a passenger on the plane. We were so close but are now at a standstill.

Donations needed

The rescue agency is hopeful that people will donate to make Logan’s surgery possible.

For donations via PayPal, please use:

Or send donations to:

P.O. Box
Rescued Hearts Northwest
P.O. Box 2764
Ferndale WA 98284
Please specify that the donation is for Logan.

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Finally safe

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