Charges dropped against couple whose dog died in the heat

Charges dropped
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Charges against an Indiana couple, whose dog died after being left outdoors in excessive heat, have been dropped. As reported by, prosecutors have decided that the incident was a “terrible accident” rather than negligence.

The dog’s owners

Ashley Durant, 27, and Fabian Durant, 24, owned the Husky who died on a day when the temperature climbed to 95 degrees. The Durants have stated that they left water out for the dog on June 30, the day that they left for Chicago to visit a relative who was in the hospital.

When the couple returned to their Valparaiso home, they found their dog, Kovu, collapsed in the heat. The dog’s tether had gotten tangled in bicycles and he was unable to get out of the sun as a result. The couple’s other dog, who was left outside with Kovu, survived.

Defense attorney Mitch Peters stated:

“This was a horrible accident that occurred. They loved this dog.”

The couple’s other dog has been returned to them.

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    • That was may thoughts too. You should never leave your dog unattended outside if you aren’t home. Too many bad things can happen.

  1. Are you kidding me, an accident, bull crap, those dogs should have been in the safety of the house NOT OUTSIDE while they were gone, and not where they could get tangled in something. Shame on the owners. these judges should lose their jobs for crap like this. I’m so sick of low lives being coddled. NO EXCUSE.

  2. They “loved” this dog??? BULLSHIT!
    NOBODY in their right mind would leave TWO DOGS TETHERED OUTSIDE – UNATTENDED – to drive to another state!
    More injustice perpetrated on hapless innocents…

  3. Those 2 don’t look like the brightest crayons in the box. I hope they don’t have offspring because they shouldn’t be allowed to even have a dog. “Love their dog”. Yeh right. Only someone really dumb and/or callous leaves a dog on a chain period. And then to go out of town leaving the dogs by themselves? Thats a special kind of stupid. The other dog should have never been returned to them.

    • Vicki, I totally agree with. I laughed when you wrote about crayons in a box, so true.
      when we had our house termites 5 yrs ago we rented motor home, kept our small dogs, and put our Dobe in a kennel for 3 days. no way was he going to get tied up.

  4. This seems to be a problem with every judge, they would rather let the people go than do any sort of punishment. Take the easy way out while the dog pays with his life. Shame on that judge! Please don’t let these people breed and make more stupid people!


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