Where monsters lurk: Update on abused pup Avery

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In a section of Watts, California, monsters lurk. The unspeakable evil is clearly apparent in the faces of the innocent. An abused dog, dubbed Avery, was discovered on Monday with an extension cord tied around her neck and left to die.

Avery had been beaten, nearly strangled and sprayed with paint. She had been left in an alley tied to a fence by an extension cord.

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation transferred her to an emergency veterinarian hospital. Mark Cheng shared details of Avery’s condition:

“She is in extremely poor condition. Cries when you press your hand to her face. We believe she may have been assaulted by a gang or used as initiation. Has open sores on her belly and leg, with a large welt on the side of her forehead.”

On Tuesday evening, Avery suffered two seizures from brain trauma. Her veterinarians said she probably felt as if she had been hit by a train.

“… But she’s stable. And we will take it. She’s spending another night in the ER. Thanks again Hope and Wellness Foundation,” Faith Easdale posted while keeping her fingers crossed for Avery’s future.

(Photo with Lisa Arturo  via Faith Easdale)

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Finally safe

Saved after horrific abuse

4 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    I wish I was a Lottery Winner & could put a reward so LARGE ” One of the Evil, Diabolic, Bastards” would TURN the DEMONIC THUGS that did this!!! Makes one wonder if they Loot and Criminalize Elder’s in their ” appointed area of ownership of that Turf” do they go out and rape, torture, homeless people, and youth in the area, victimize small business owner’s ??? WHERE THE HELL ARE the POLICE and ANIMAL CONTROL!!! OH I KNOW it is “only a dog , so Why waste the time!” WATT’s HAS NOT Changed Since ” :YOU KNOW WHO BURNED and LOOTED THEIR OWN NEIGHBOR”S” in the 60’S !!!! JUST GOTTEN MORE BRAZEN!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Pray for Avery’s getting better and to being cared for with love and belly rubs. Why there are monsters like this is the world is something we need to deal with as a country. Too many of these things happening.


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