Czech man killed after his ‘pet’ lion mauled him to death

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A man in Zdechov, Czech Republic was killed by his “pet” lion he kept in a cage. Michael Prasek was found dead on Tuesday inside of the cage he kept the lions.

According to BBCNews, Prasek’s body was found by his father; the cage had been locked from the inside. The lions were purchased by Prasek in 2016 and 2018 and kept in separate homemade cages. He had previously been fined by local authorities for illegal breeding, however denied animal control officers access to his property. No reports of animal cruelty had been issued, and therefore the lions were allowed to remain with Prasek, although he never had a legal permit to keep the wild animals.

Prasek had previously taken the female lioness out for a walk on a leash when a cyclist crashed into the cat. Authorities deemed the encounter an accident.

Tragically, both lions were shot and killed by police, who stated it was necessary to get to the man’s body.

And once again, the animals suffer for man’s greed. Rest in peace wild cats. You didn’t deserve this treatment and such a tragic end to your lives.

(Photo of Czech man mauled by his pets lions via Facebook.)

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  1. It is hard to find sympathy for people who think it is okay to keep “wild” animals for their own entertainment! As is often the case, the animals end up paying the ultimate price for human selfishness and heartlessness!

  2. It is difficult to feel sympathy for those who hold “wild” animals in captivity for their own pleasure! As often is the case, the animals pay the ultimate price for human selfishness and heartlessness!


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