Update on dog who was found bound in tape

Happy update about dog found with red tape around his muzzle

There is a positive update regarding an ailing stray dog who was found not long ago in Lee County, Florida. The dog, whose muzzle was tightly bound in red tape, was rescued after a concerned citizen reached out to the local authorities.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office had reached out to the public for information about the dog’s owner – and now, the same law enforcement agency has announced that the dog, dubbed Chance, has a home. Chance has a more authoritative name now…Deputy Chance, and he will be living with Sheriff Carmine Marceno, reports Fox Orlando.

New life for dog who was found bound in tape

As soon as Deputy Chance has completely recuperated from being hurt and severely dehydrated, he will serve as the agency’s”Pets on Patrol Spokes-Dog.”

On Thursday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office updated Facebook followers about Chance’s progress:

Chance is progressing wonderfully! He has gained weight, his wounds are healing nicely and he is beginning to trust select people. Heartfelt thanks to the remarkable staff at LCDAS for the love and care that they are giving to Chance!

Enjoy your new life Deputy Chance!

Prior article about Chance at this link.

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