Cheetah cub and rescue dog have become best friends

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Who would have thought a cheetah cub and a rescue dog could be best friends? In Cincinnati, Ohio, Kris, a three-month-old cheetah cub bonded with a rescue pooch named Remus.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo, Kris was the only survivor in her litter and has been hand raised. Well, doesn’t everyone deserve to have a “bestie”? That’s when Remus became Kris’ unrelated sibling. The two chase pumpkins together and roll around as if they had been born together.

Remus and Kris Meet!

Breaking news – cheetah cub, Kris, and companion puppy, Remus, are on their way to becoming BFFs! They were a little wary of each other on their first, brief introduction, but that is the normal and expected behavior. They will spend short sessions together each day getting to know each other. We’ll update you as their friendship develops!

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Friday, September 6, 2019

How about some Halloween fun?

Remus was rescued from the Animal Rescue Fund and chosen to be Kris’ “surrogate sibling” because of his good nature and high play desire. Usually cheetah cubs separate from their mother and siblings around two years of age. Most likely Remus and Kris will go on their own ways by then, but the two of them will decide when they must leave each other.

Until then, have you ever witnessed such cuteness?

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