Update: Seriously injured pug receiving emergency care

A two-year-old injured pug viciously attacked by another dog had been surrendered on Friday to the Downey Animal Care Center by his owners.  The shelter transferred the seriously injured dog to a private veterinarian where drains were placed in his head to drain abscesses.

“…swollen dorsal head, possible rupture, abscess, laceration, ventral neck swelling, punctures and serious discharge,” has been included in the dog’s medical update.

On Friday, his family left him at the shelter, and his condition and photos were released by the shelter as they appealed for an approved rescue to help. Animal advocates had been actively sharing this little dog’s plight. On Monday, to the rescue came Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., even though they have been inundated with medical cases for the last few days and the urgent need for more foster homes.

By Monday afternoon, the dog, now dubbed Hobbs, arrived at  The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks.

“After initial exam was immediately sedated as they ready him for a more through examination which includes cleaning up all the infection and pus in his eyes, neck, heads, chest etc. this sweet little fella looks like he was a battle for his safe and by some miracle he survived and is now safe from all harm, no longer alone, loved and he knows that his life matters. Hobbs is young, he is strong and he is a survivor. All paws remain raised in prayer.”

Surgery needed including all testing and hospital intensive care for the next few days is expected to near $2,000. Hospital personnel commented how happy Hobbs acts despite his injuries. He is expected to recover.

Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, explained the reasons the graphic photos of Hobbs have been included on social media.

“We realize that some have a difficult time looking at Hobbs and for that we are saddened. The sad and harsh reality is the photos you see are real time depicting the suffering and anguish this sweet and innocent little 2 year old dog has endured. While we understand some of you may need to  ‘look away’ and even perhaps leave our page, keep in mind that Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. will continue to do what we do and help any way we can and we cannot help those who need us if we ‘look away’. We look past the dirt, the mats, the frail little bodies and the horrors that have been done to them and see only the love, compassion and gratefulness in their eyes. Hobbs, Rambo ,Valentino and so many others who came before them and have gone on to enjoy their gift of life, are grateful today that we did not look away and trust me, very soon, the transformation of Hobbs will be a welcome sight for all.”

More updates to follow. Read previous story here.

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to Leave No Paws Behind, Hobbs will have a wonderful future once he is all healed up. This little guy has been through so much and thoughts and prayers to him as he recovers. All these wonderful animal rescues who are there to do so much for these unwanted and injured animals. There is a special place for all those who work for these rescues. We bless you.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray a speedy recovery for ya little fella. I pray that God blesses these rescues and vets that step up to help, day after day, tortured animal after tortured animal. The rest of us would be LOST without them God. Your love and protection is all that we need and I pray that more people in violent situations pray to You to be inspired to stand up, speak out and LEAVE if necessary.

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    All thanks to Leave No Paws Behind, if not for your response, Precious little Hobbs would be languishing in extreme pain and suffering until his end came, but no longer is thst his fate. Sending Thoughts and Prayers for Hobbs to have only minimal necessary pain, that he will heal well and recover to live the long wonderful happy life we know he deserves. Shared and donating.


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