After neglectful life, homeless dog on list to be put down today

Neglected dog to be put down today
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A dire fate awaits a homeless dog who had led a neglectful life. Morgan, an owner-surrendered pit bull, has been at the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services center in Texas for weeks, and now she is on the list of dogs to be put down today.

Advocates plead for help

An advocate has issued a Facebook plea for help on Morgan’s behalf:

Update : Scheduled to be EUTHANIZED Tuesday 9/25 CRITICAL NOW‼️‼️‼️

A302858 plays well with others

When you’ve been given up on at a very crowded shelter , a little pampering goes all long way for the soul

Sweet and gentle and totally defeated
Has had a rough life, lots of litters and hard surfaces to sleep on
Needs to be pampered

Video of Morgan

Saving Morgan

Networking saves lives – please share this article with the pertinent information to save this death row dog’s life.

Identification number: A302858

Located at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services 2626 Holly Road, Corpus Christi Texas

Adoption hours 1-5:30 Monday thru Saturday

Email [email protected]

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  1. Please rescuers in TX, save Morgan who deserves to live. A wonderful dog who just wants a family to love and be devoted to. Probably made a lot of money for the vile owners and now to be dumped like this is heartless. Please, foster or adopt Morgan and she will reward you.

  2. I JUST get SICK to EVEN SEE the word TEXAS anymore!!!! EVEN the Word TAKE me to a PICTURE of a DISGARDED, ABUSED, TORTURED, NEGLECTED , ANIMAL BE it dog, cat, horse, mule, IT APPEARS that NOT ONE ANIMAL IS SAFE IN that HANNIOUS STATE!!! There are a “few” DAMN FEW organizations that are ATTEMPTING to Make a DIFFERENCE BUT IT IS SO SHORT OF WHAT IS NEEDED.. I hope a LAST MINUTE RESCUE will help this POOR LITTLE GIRL but I fear there will be NO ONE THERE FOR HER ::: Bless her sweet soul!!

  3. Does she still need a home? I will gladly make a trip to Texas to save her. I’m from Illinois I have 4 babies 15 14 12 and 5. I think she would do well with our family.


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