abandoned puppy found chained to railcar

Puppy found chained to a rail car

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A puppy is lucky to be alive after someone abandoned her – leaving her chained to a rail car in Wisconsin. According to WQAD, the pup was found by two train engineers who were traveling between Galesburg, Illinois and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The puppy

According to the news agency, a dispatcher alerted Allen Au and his coworker Michael Ortega to the troubling situation – a report had been made that a puppy was chained to a rail car in Prairie Du Chien. Sure enough, when the duo arrived to the area, they found the abandoned puppy chained to the train.

The rescue

Fortunately there is a very happily-ever-after for this abandoned puppy. The engineers freed her from the chain and offered her food, water and most importantly – love. The pup was skinny and “very hungry,” but those days are gone. Michael Ortega has decided to give the abandoned pup a forever home with his family in Bettendorf. Today the puppy is known as Lucky, aka Lulu.

Enjoy your new life Lucky!

(Screenshot of abandoned puppy via WQAD)

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  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Poor puppy god bless whoever found her thank god she is safe & rescued & find a home horrible evil creeps who did this I hope the person is chained to a train station & killed by a train bg

  2. PAMELA D says:

    I am very sick of these sick bastards doing this to animals. This makes me wonder where are the rest of the animals these low life scum buckets have did they throw them in the trash. All I can say to these animal abusers……….HOPE YOU ALL DIE IN PAIN WITH CANCER SLOWLY AND THEN SOMEONE SETS YOU ON FIRE WHEN YOU ARE ALIVE. I would love to be the one to do it. I am sick to death of reading about these mental cases.


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